Alyssa Mees


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What paint do you use?
I paint with Liquitex brand acrylic.

Do you add any extra medium to your paint to make it flow better?
About 95% of the time I just thin with water. The other 5% is with a TINY bit of flow aid to help slow down drying time. A little goes a long way.

What is that long thin brush you use?
It’s a script liner and I use various sizes.

What is that surface you’re painting on?
Most of the time its clear-gessoed wood, bought from Blicks, Art Supply Warehouse, or Michaels craft stores. You can see my video on wood prep and why I gesso it here:

What do you use for digital work?
I currently use an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil with the Procreate app. I previously used a Wacom Intuos 5 and Adobe Photoshop.

What camera do you use?
For live streams I just use my iphone with a small claw tripod. For instagram images and my videos, I use my Canon 60D mounted on a tripod.

Can I get a tattoo of your work?
Yes! Totally honored you’d want my work on you. BUT, please read these requests:

  1. Pleeeaase, for the love of everything, find a quality artist and save up for them. Don't go to your friend of a friend's second cousin who worksunder unsanitary conditions out of their garage. I hope you can find someone who will not only do my artwork justice, but you as a client justice.
  2. If the tattoo artist posts the picture to social media, can you ask that they tag me as the original artist as to not mislead their following into thinking they’re the original artist?
  3. Lastly… I would LOVE to see a picture of it! Tag me on instagram, direct message me, or email me a picture. I’m always in awe when I see my work on someone’s body.

What program do you use to edit your videos?
Almost always edit in imovie, however I’ve recently discovered DaVinci Resolve and that’s been a great tool. I color correct my videos there.

Where do you find your music?
From my husband, who mostly gets it from from Blalocks Indie Rock Playlist.

Can you draw me for free/if you draw me I’ll share it with all my followers.
No, unfortunately I cannot. Please understand this is a skill I’ve worked on for over a decade and it’s my side hustle. I should hope you wouldn’t ask or expect other people with skilled professions if they can give free services.

Do you trade art or do any collaborations?
Not anymore. I haven’t had the best experiences with these.

Do you paint full time?
No, mostly nights and weekends. I have a full time career as a graphic designer on a marketing team.

Who are your inspirations or favorite artists?

Non-visual artist:
My husband. He’s my best friend and the funniest and most creative person I know. Experiencing life with him gives me all the good feelings that I tap into to create art.

Early inspirations:
My brother Daniel Mees
Sas Christian
Lori Earley
Audrey Kawasaki
Stella Im Hultberg

Audra Auclair
Rama Lama Creatures
Sam Wolfe Connelly
Teagan White
Fran Meneses
Kelsey Beckett
Maruti Bitamin

And so many more! Browse who I follow on Instagram to see more wonderful artists :)

How did you get a large following on Instagram?
First off, I’d like to say I know for sure a lot of my followers are inactive ghosts or spam (the side effects of using hashtags). Secondly, try not to think so much about the numbers or they’ll rule your life and make you depressed.

I’ve been active on Instagram since 2011. I started out posting more personal things like my dog or meals or selfies. I then started to post more of my artwork and gained a few early and awesome supporters. The more I posted and was active with replying to comments, the more the connections grew. A lot of my friends reposted my artwork of their own accord and that was very beneficial (and sweet) of them.

I’ve found that just talking with people and socializing online will add to your following. Although, the connections and friendships made have been the most important part to me, the following is a nice add on.

Staying active with social media helps a lot. Post often, post good quality/lit images, respond to comments and give updates. Stick with it!

Giveaways have also shown a good response in following. You can request that participants repost your artwork or simply tag a friend. Either way, word will reach a little further when you do a giveaway. Not only do you get to show your appreciation for current followers, it encourages others to look at your feed and maybe follow to keep up with future giveaways.